"Sea Foam is one of those rare products that actually does what it says it can do. I love this stuff. I put it in everything from my 77' Vette to my snowblower. Great stuff!" -Jesse G.

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sea_foam_winterizationWatch the Video Winterization Q & A with Jeremy Smith from Lindner’s Angling Edge and Brian Miller from Sea Foam.

The Choice of Mechanics for Over 70 Years

We’re glad you’ve discovered one of the most widely trusted brands known to automotive, marine, and fleet professionals – Sea Foam Products. Sea Foam continues to manufacture its fuel system treatment products using the same petroleum based formula developed by the company’s founder, Fred Fandrei back in the 1930s. This has ensured that Sea Foam can continue to offer the safest, most effective and versatile products on the market for keeping all your engines – 2 cycle, 4 cycle, Gas or Diesel – operating at peak performance.

Here at Sea Foam, our decades of product experience has proven that when an engine is clean, free of moisture and well lubricated, it will run better and last longer. This is our pledge to loyal Sea Foam customers – We will continue to offer products worthy of our guarantee to you: “Your money’s worth or your money back.”

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