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Sea Foam Official video: Sea Foam and engine seals

Check out the short video and see what Sea Foam Motor Treatment DOES NOT do to a Styrofoam cup!

When it comes to engine fuel and fluid additives, these two questions must be answered:

Does it work?
If it works, is it safe?

Sea Foam engine products only contain organic petroleum-based ingredients that are non-corrosive and harmless to fuel […]

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Sea Foam Official video: Tips for your snow blower

Jeremy Smith covers 3 quick tips on how easy it is for anyone to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray to help ensure that our snow blowers start fast, run smooth, and always have plenty of power to get the job done!


Snow Blower Tip #1  Add Sea Foam to every fresh tank of […]

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Sea Foam Official video: Outboard cleaning and storage, ‘Can and Hose’ method


‘Can & Hose’ to the rescue! 

Using the ‘Can & Hose’ method is an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a high cleaning concentration of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to an outboard’s intake and upper engine areas.  It works fast and effective to:

clean hydrocarbon residues from fuel injector passageways and carburetor circuits (needles, jets, […]

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…the most dramatic automotive resurrection I’ve ever seen.

I bought a 26 year old Toyota Corolla for $100. It had been sitting for 8 years.  I replaced the rusty gas tank, fuel pump and fuel lines with cheap, junkyard stuff.  I got the engine started easily, but it was running very badly.  By pulling spark plug wires I determined it was only running […]

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Motorcycle dealer recommends Sea Foam

We recently came across a blog post from the owner of a motorcycle dealership who recommends Sea Foam.

Here’s what he wrote:


In my experience, the single best all-around fuel and engine treatment is Sea Foam.

Whether you recently purchased a pre-owned bike or feel your motorcycle is not running at 100 percent, follow these simple instructions to […]

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Not a bad repair for under $10!

Picked this lawn tractor up at Walmart.  It had been returned, would not run.  Got it for the clearance price.  After I got it home and gassed it up I added 4 or 5 oz of Sea Foam – now it runs like a top.  Not a bad repair for under $10! 

Rick A. in Illinois

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995,478 odometer miles and counting…

Jason S. tells about his 2005 Ford F-150 Super Crew 4.6L with 995,478 miles:

“I use 1.5 cans of Sea Foam in my fuel cell once a month plus another half can in the crankcase to help keep the engine clean. This product has been used exclusively in my truck since day one and I’m certain that […]

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Sea Foam Official video: How to liquefy crankcase oil deposits

Check out this quick video on how easy it is to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to crankcase oil.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. HOW:  Just remove the oil filler cap and pour 1 to 1.5 ounces of Sea Foam per quart of crankcase oil.

2. WHEN:  We recommend adding to the crankcase 100 to 300 miles […]

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Sea Foam Official video: How to liquefy varnish in ATF

Here’s a quick ‘How and Why’ video on adding Hydra Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid (ATF).


How to add Hydra Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid:  
1. Remove transmission fluid dipstick,
2. check fluid level,
3. insert fluid funnel into filler tube (same tube as ATF dipstick),
4. add up to a full can of Hydra Trans Tune and re-insert dipstick,
5. […]

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Did You Know? Tow Rig Tip

Did you know that the MORE Sea Foam you add to gasoline or diesel fuel, the BETTER it cleans?

Did you also know that fuel injectors and chamber areas clean better and faster as the load on the engine increases?

WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO TIP on adding a HIGH concentration of Sea Foam when the fuel in the tank is LOW, then […]