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  • SFAW Jim F Triumph

If your bike or car is running poorly,…





Mid-March I filled up my Speed Triple with premium fuel at an out-of-the-way gas station. About 4 miles later I hear a huge backfire and the engine dies. I’m seeing money float out of my bank account…. It was towed home and the tank was drained and fresh Shell Premium was added, but it still would […]

  • SFAW Joel S Dodge

Seen first-hand what Sea Foam can do.

Seen first-hand what Sea Foam can do. Firm believer in it. When I first got my Dodge it had 218,xxx miles with idling issues, clogged fuel injectors, and a bunch of carbon buildup in the combustion chambers. Ran your Sea Foam products through the induction and fuel – my idle issue went away and the […]

  • SFAW JD Duramax 460

…, I have a greater appreciation for Sea Foam!

On a recent road trip home from a work project in Minnesota my ‪Duramax started to show a low fuel rail pressure code. With warm temps and a newer fuel filter, my best guess was a backflow issue caused by dirty injectors. I couldn’t get to a diesel shop in the middle of the night […]

  • SFAW Zach K Dodge 460

Great product, I recommend it to everyone!


I’ve been using Sea Foam for the past two oil changes on my 1990 Ramcharger – she has just shy of 372,000 miles on the original 318.  I noticed a lot of crud come out of the oil and the engine now maintains steady oil pressure instead of dropping off. Great product, I recommend it to everyone!

Zach […]

  • SFAW JR Williamns Mustang

From now on I’ll use Sea Foam!

I wasn’t a believer until I used  it on a rough running car I bought.  After applying Sea Foam and driving around, the car idled perfectly and had better throttle response.

From now on I’ll use Sea Foam! Thanks for the amazing product.

JR in Texas


It now runs like a scalded dog…

I went to my neighborhood auto supply store and purchased Sea Foam and Sea Foam Spray.  Then I used both items on my 2005 Chevy Colorado with 93,579 original miles on it. It now runs like a scalded dog with a brand new engine, and my check motor light hasn’t come back on at all. […]

  • SFO screen auto carb intake 460

Sea Foam Official video: How to clean a gasoline auto carburetor intake with Sea Foam Spray


Use Sea Foam Spray to safely and effectively clean residues and deposits from intake valves, chambers and compression rings!

Sea Foam Spray delivers a high concentration of petroleum cleaning solvency and lubricity to carburetor throttle valves, intake runners and valves, and chamber areas.
Click here for printable instructions.


Hot Soak Instructions for Gasoline Carburetor Intakes:

Getting started: Add […]

  • SFAW MOWER pic 460

Sea Foam Official video: Tips for your lawn mower

Check out the following quick tips on how easy it is for anyone to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray to help ensure that our lawn mowers start fast, run smooth, and always have plenty of power to get the job done!


Lawn Mower Tip #1  Add Sea Foam to every fresh tank of […]

  • JARS 3 460

A quick visual lesson on gasoline

Question:  What’s in the 3 jars?
Answer:  Untreated E-0 gasoline.


Why the difference?

The difference between the 3 jars in the photo is the age and stability of the gasoline.  Each jar contains E-0 gasoline (has zero percent ethyl alcohol) drawn from three different outboard engine tanks.  The clear gasoline in Jar #1 is fresh and stable while Jars #2 […]

  • SFAW R Glueck train 460

Moving a 240 ton steam locomotive that has sat undisturbed for sixty years …


We have found “Deep Creep” lubricant to be especially effective in helping us turn bolts which have been stuck in for over 62 years. For that reason alone continue to us the product.  Moving a 240 ton steam locomotive that has sat undisturbed for sixty years calls for a great deal of talent and determination […]