Nothing compares!

We dare you to try Deep Creep’s quick-acting, petroleum-based formula against any penetrating oil or and spray you’ve ever used. Deep Creep breaks surface tension and cuts through corrosion and deposits of all kinds to loosen, lubricate, clean and protect parts and mechanisms.


Deep Creep works quick to clean dirt, soot, petroleum grime and other unburned fuel and oil residues from throttle plates, carburetors, and throttle bodies! Just spray it on, let soak, then wipe clean with a paper towel or clean cloth. Can also use with toothbrush, safe on Teflon, lubricates throttle plate bushings, and cleans best right after engine operation (heat)!

Deep Creep only contains highly-refined petroleum ingredients. It does NOT have harsh detergent of abrasive chemicals that can harm your engine or fuel system components.

Use Deep Creep to clean, lubricate and protect engine parts and surfaces. Deep Creep is gentle, anti-corrosive, withstands high temperatures and resists evaporation unlike any penetrating lubricant you’ve ever used!

Deep Creep only contains highly-refined petroleum ingredients. Deep Creep is safe, low odor, and does NOT have harsh detergent of abrasive chemicals that can harm your engine or engine components.

Spray Deep Creep on clamp tools and parts to clean, lubricate and protect. Deep Creep will creep deep into worm gears and threads, is anti-corrosive, low odor, and resists evaporation for long-term protection!
Wheels, rollers, gears, sprockets and pulleys will work longer, better, and quietly when lubricated with Deep Creep! Endless home and shop uses including garage door parts, door hinges, tools, bicycles, engine equipment… Try it – You won’t find a higher quality, longer lasting penetrating lubricant!
With longer lasting Deep Creep, cleaning and lubricating all types of air tools a breeze. Deep Creep’s anti-corrosive petroleum formula penetrates deep to clean, lubricate, solubilize harmful moisture, and resist evaporation over long periods of time. Because Deep Creep lasts longer, tools last longer!
Try Deep Creep on chains and notice how well it cleans, lubricates, and lasts! Deep Creep’s anti-corrosive petroleum formula penetrates deep to protect, lubricate, handle moisture, and resist evaporation over a long period of time.
Deep Creep penetrates deep into gear systems and stays there to lubricate and protect! Deep Creep breaks surface tension like no other lubricant, crawling deep into tough to reach metal gear surfaces. Count on Deep Creep’s anti-corrosive petroleum formula to penetrate, lubricate, handle moisture, and resist heat and evaporation.
Lubricate and protect metal ball bearings and wheel assemblies with Deep Creep! Deep Creep’s anti-corrosive petroleum formula will quickly cover bearing surfaces, then stay there to lubricate, handle moisture, resist heat, and protect from dry out. Nothing works better!
Deep Creep works fast to remove sticky and stubborn grime and tar from vehicle surfaces. Safely spray Deep Creep’s gentle, anti-corrosive petroleum formula on any vehicle surface to quickly dissolve road tar, oil and engine exhaust grime. Spray, let soak, then wipe away with a paper towel or clean cloth.
Use Deep Creep to lubricate and protect lock mechanisms, hinges, and drawer slides. Deep Creep’s gentle, low odor, non-corrosive petroleum formula will penetrate and resist evaporation for longer maintenance intervals. Endless home and shop uses!
Compare Deep Creep’s gentle, non-corrosive petroleum formula to your favorite firearms lubricant and protectant. Nothing creeps deeper, withstands extreme mechanism heat, resists evaporation for long-term storage protection, or breaks surface tension than like Deep Creep!

Even more, Deep Creep is low odor, gentle, and dries moisture!

Pedals, pulleys, chains, sprockets, pivot points and cables… You name it, one can of high quality, petroleum Deep Creep will cover a shop full of bicycles for a long time! Try it, then marvel over Deep Creep’s ability to penetrate, cover and lubricate. Then, notice how Deep Creep lasts longer!
Never look back! Once you try Deep Creep on firearms, fishing reels, trail equipment, tools… You’ll discover nothing works better or lasts longer to safely lubricate and protect all your stuff!

Deep Creep is made from very high quality, highly-refined petroleum oils with exceptional abilities to lubricate, break surface tension, then resist heat and evaporation to last longer for longer wear life and protection.

Fight rust and long-term wear and tear with Deep Creep! Deep Creep is anti-corrosive, creeps deep to cover and protect metal surfaces and pivot points, then lasts longer by resisting heat and evaporation. Tools last longer and look better with Deep Creep!
Use Deep Creep for vulnerable corrosion points on vehicles and trailer surfaces. Spray on hitches and into hitch inserts, inside wheel fender wells, trailer areas exposed to chips and road salt. Deep Creep’s anti-corrosive petroleum formula will help to minimize the effects of salt and other wear factors that contribute to rust and deterioration.



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3 KEY TERMS & TIPS for Preparing Engines and Fuel Systems for Long-Term Storage*:

*By long-term storage, we mean any fuel that won’t be utilized within 30 days from fuel purchase at the pump.



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Video: Intro to using Deep Creep

Willie from Two Guys Garage gives an overview on Deep Creep’s ability to penetrate deep into parts and mechanisms by breaking metal surface tension – Inlcudes how to use with a heat torch, and as a cleaner and lubricant.

Compare Deep […]

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