I have been using Sea Foam products for at least 20 years after introduced to the product by my marine mechanic. The first time I used Sea Foam in my boat motor it quickly cleaned the varnish out of the carburetor and made the motor run like new.

Five years ago I went back into trucking.  My first truck had really bad blow-by, so I put 3 cans of Sea Foam Motor Treatment into the crankcase. Within 500 miles there was almost no blow-by.

Four years ago I purchased a 2001 Freightliner Classic XL with 1,350,000 miles on it. I knew the maintenance history so the mileage did not scare me. The first thing I did was switch to a synthetic oil blend and began my routine to add Sea Foam to the crankcase for the last 500 miles before every oil and filter change.

I also use Sea Foam in the fuel system. At 1,900,000 miles I decided to go ahead with an in-frame overhaul. After my engine was disassembled I was able get this picture of my cam shaft next to two cams out of a Cummins ISX motor with less than 750,000 miles. The proof is in the picture! Compare my truck’s “clean” cam shaft to the other two that have never been run with Sea Foam. Over and over, Sea Foam has proven itself as an oil and fuel system cleaner.  Also, check out how clean the Freightliner’s rods and pistons are!

Bruce W. in Illinois