Mid-March I filled up my Speed Triple with premium fuel at an out-of-the-way gas station. About 4 miles later I hear a huge backfire and the engine dies. I’m seeing money float out of my bank account…. It was towed home and the tank was drained and fresh Shell Premium was added, but it still would not start.

About 4 weeks later, it did start but ran terribly. I would lose power in the higher RPMs like I was flooding a carbed engine.

A response to a plea on a forum led to some priceless advice…dump 1/3 of a can of Sea Foam into the tank and run the engine. Then I was told to ‘smile and run it into the sunset, eating Doritos.’ I did.

$11 later and a 1/3rd less Sea Foam in the can, I started the bike and ran it. Immediately it was running better and at the conclusion of my short ride was running about 90% of what I remember.

I waited a day and ran the bike again and holy molé! It runs better than ever and about 110% of what I remember.

Somebody referred to Sea Foam as a tune-up in a can. Well the water displacement and cleaning power made a believer out of me.

I dumped a 1/3 can into two other bikes and they are also running better than I remember.

If your bike or car is running poorly, had bad gas, or has been sitting a while, dump some Sea Foam into the tank according to directions and watch it come to life.

Jim F. in Arizona