What are the rules for using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in diesel engines?


What are the do’s and don’ts I should know before using Sea Foam in my diesel engine?

Jim’s answer:

When properly used in diesel fuel, Sea Foam Motor Treatment safely cleans built-up deposits from the fuel system and the engine. It also adds lubrication and controls moisture when added to diesel fuel at a concentration of one ounce per gallon. Beyond these main applications and benefits, Sea Foam Motor Treatment can also be used to clean fuel injectors according to this procedure.

As far as the “don’ts” go, most people who own and work on diesel cars and trucks know that no liquids or sprays should ever be used through the air intake system of a diesel engine, including cleaners and starting fluids. Doing this can cause major engine damage, including hydro-lock or, even worse, uncontrolled engine acceleration — also known as “RUN AWAY”. Do NOT add Sea Foam Motor Treatment or Sea Foam Spray Top Engine Cleaner and Lube to the air intake of a Diesel engine!

If these simple instructions are followed, Sea Foam Motor Treatment will clean your diesel’s fuel system, injectors and crankcase safely and effectively.

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