What will Sea Foam Motor Treatment do for my diesel engine?


What will Sea Foam do for my diesel engine?

Jim’s answer:

All fuels leave a residue in the system that collects contaminants and hinders proper operation of that system, and diesel fuel is no exception. Sea Foam Motor Treatment helps keep the system operating properly by making those residues dissolve gently back into a liquid state, allowing them to be filtered out of the fuel system.

Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to your diesel fuel tank can help provide the following benefits:

  • adds lubrication to the fuel, protecting moving parts from excessive friction damage
  • controls moisture in diesel fuel
  • helps de-ice frozen diesel fuel
  • cleans fuel residues from your fuel system components
  • cleans the fuel pump and lubricates the o-rings
  • helps clean and lubricate the pintle valve or ball seat in your injectors and restores the injector's spray pattern (this is where all the power and smoothness comes from in a diesel)
  • helps cleans deposits from the combustion chamber
  • stabilizes diesel fuel up to two years (when used at one ounce of Sea Foam Motor Treatment per gallon of fuel)

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