Sea Foam Spray Top Engine Cleaner and lube

Sea Foam Spray is for internal engine use only to clean varnish and deposit build up from intake systems, intake valves, and combustion chambers of your engine. Use Sea Foam Spray to clean all these areas with the cleaning tube and hook guide tool inserted into a sealed air intake system. Spray the Sea Foam Spray into the engine from in front of the throttle plate.

Sea Foam Spray can be used to clean gum and varnish from a 2 cycle engine. Run engine and spray Sea Foam Spray directly inside carburetor throat. Repeat as needed for cleaning.

Sea Foam Spray's unique spray valve even works with the can held upside down so you can use it in difficult-to-reach applications.

  • Sea Foam Spray is a petroleum based product for use in cleaning harmful gums, varnish and deposit build up from air induction systems and combustion chambers on all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines.
  • Helps reduce hesitation, stalls, pings, flat spots and rough idle due to deposit buildup.
  • Use to store and fog 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.
  • Cleaner engines generally product fewer emissions. EPA registered.
  • Helps clean intake valves and pistons.
  • Helps reduce Catalytic converter odors.
  • Helps restore power and pickup.
  • Oxygen sensor safe.