Trans Tune

How To Use

Automatic Transmissions

Question: After adding Trans Tune, do I need a transmission flush anytime soon? Jim's answer: If your transmission fluid still looks good by color and doesn't smell burnt, you will not need a flush at this time.  Read more

Question: I accidentally added Trans Tune to my fuel tank, and now my engine is stalling and running in a weird way. What did it do to my engine? What can I do now? Jim's answer: Don't panic.  Read more

Question: Can I add more Trans Tune after a transmission flush and fill? Jim's answer: Most people add ½ can (or 8 oz.) of Trans Tune before service and ½ can with the new fluid. Trans Tune is... Read more

Question: If I put the wrong transmission fluid in my vehicle, will using Trans Tune help fix the problems that may occur now? Jim's answer: Trans Tune is a cleaner and fluid conditioner that can be... Read more

Question: Sea Foam emphasizes that Trans Tune doesn't swell transmission seals or act as a stop-leak. Why is this so important? Jim's answer: Great question. Trans Tune is not a stop-leak... Read more

Question: Is Trans Tune compatible with both regular and synthetic automatic transmission fluid? Jim's answer: Yes, Trans Tune is safe to use and fully compatible with all ATF brands recommended by... Read more

Question: When do I need a transmission treatment with Trans Tune? Jim's answer: If you're noticing any of the following symptoms in your transmission... erratic shifting sluggish shifting "sticking" for a second or two before... Read more

Question: Can Trans Tune fix all transmission shifting problems? Jim's answer: Unfortunately, no. Some transmission shifting problems can only be solved with a transmission rebuild. As a rule of thumb: If your shifting problems are being... Read more

Question: Can Trans Tune be used in a transmission flushing machine? Jim's answer: Yes, definitely! In fact, professional mechanics frequently tell us that when they use Trans Tune during the system... Read more

Question: Can I use Trans Tune long-term in my transmission fluid, instead of just before a transmission fluid change? Jim's answer: Yes, you can safely operate your transmission with Trans Tune... Read more

How to perform a transmission flush with Trans Tune: Add ½ can of Trans Tune to the automatic transmission fluid before servicing. Drive for at least 30 minutes and run the engine... Read more

To control moisture buildup in automatic transmission fluid with Trans Tune: Add 1/2 can of Trans Tune to the transmission fluid reservoir. Drive for at least 30 minutes, allowing Trans... Read more

To address issues with rough and erratic shifting in an automatic transmission: Add ½ can of Trans Tune to standard automatic transmission fluid (see images below). Trans Tune is pure... Read more

General Hydraulic Systems

Question: Can I use Trans Tune in other hydraulic systems, such as my snow plow? Jim's answer: Yes! Trans Tune is compatible with all conventional petroleum and synthetic hydraulic oils. Trans Tune... Read more

To control moisture in hydraulic fluid with Trans Tune: Add one pint of Trans Tune to every four gallons of hydraulic fluid at full operating temperature. After at least 30 minutes of... Read more

To flush a hydraulic system with Trans Tune: Add one pint of Trans Tune to every four gallons of hydraulic fluid. (This will re-liquefy old hydraulic oil residue deposits and suspend contaminants for... Read more

For de-icing frozen hydraulic fluid, add one pint of Trans Tune to every four gallons of fluid. Trans Tune will remove the moisture in hydraulic fluid that builds up and freezes in low temperatures.  Read more

Power Steering Systems

To address issues with noisy or whining power steering pumps, remove... Read more

Before installing a new rack-and-pinion or power steering pump, most manufacturers require that you flush the system first. Here's why using Trans Tune for the flush is the best option: In the process of normal wear... Read more