Using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in crankcase oil

Using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in crankcase oil

Sea Foam Motor Treatment may be used in an oil crankcase two separate ways, depending on your needs and expectations. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is most commonly used as a pre-service, old oil residue re-liquefier / cleaner. It can also be used as an after-service oil additive. In either application, Sea Foam Motor Treatment will safely and slowly re-liquefy old oil residue. Each method is described below:

  • As a pre-service cleaner for old oil residue, (and to address valve train noise and timing chain hydraulic tensioner noise), pour 1 ½ ounces of Sea Foam Motor Treatment into the engine oil crankcase for each quart of oil capacity, including filter. Drive a minimum of 30 minutes (a maximum of 100 miles), and then do your oil change service. This begins the process of safely/slowly re-liquefying the old oil residue so contaminants may flow and be filtered away. Your old oil will quickly become much dirtier, so an oil change service will be necessary soon after this pre-service treatment. This is also a great idea for turbocharged and supercharged applications where oils deteriorate so quickly due to heat, leaving those residues that need cleaning.
  • As an after-service additive for fresh oil, nearly fresh oil, or used oil that is NOT yet ready to be changed (based on mileage since last service). Add the same amount of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the crankcase as described above, and then regularly monitor your oil for color and clarity. Set a predetermined schedule for checking the oil condition on a mileage, timed, or event basis (such as every time you gas up, etc.) to determine when an oil service is necessary. Monitoring of the oil for color and clarity will tell you when it is time to do an oil change service. NOTE: Do not exceed 3,000 miles without changing the oil.

Remember, Sea Foam Motor Treatment is safe to use with all synthetic oils. Purely synthetic oils, and blends of synthetic and petroleum-based oils, were engineered to be 100% compatible with petroleum-based oils of all brands, and vice versa. Without this compatibility, oil manufacturers and engineers would be liable for the results of mixing non-compatible lubricants. Since Sea Foam Motor Treatment only contains petroleum-based oils, it is entirely compatible with synthetic oils.

Remember, when using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in your crankcase:

  • Check your oil and monitor its color & clarity to determine need for oil change service!
  • Change your oil when it gets dirty!

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