Using Sea Foam's Trans Tune in Petroleum and Synthetic Hydraulic Oils, Fluids and ATFs

Using Sea Foam's Trans Tune as a pre-service cleaner, and as an after-service additive in petroleum and synthetic hydraulic oils, fluids and ATFs


  • Sea Foam's Trans Tune was developed over 30 years ago to fill automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial needs for a cleaner of old hydraulic residue, and as a safe moisture drier for systems using these hydraulic oils, automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and power steering fluids, in both petroleum-based and synthetic versions. Trans Tune will not swell or harm seals in any way, and is not a stop-leak additive.
  • Trans Tune safely removes atmospheric moisture absorbed by hydraulic oils (not liquid water, which must be drained) by helping it to evaporate out from the hydraulic oil and vent to the atmosphere.
  • TRANS TUNE is a pure petroleum blend product comprised of three specific oils, blended in just the right proportions to safely perform its functions in all commonly used petroleum and synthetic-based hydraulic oils/fluids, such as basic ATFs, power steering fluids, agricultural and industrial booms, hydraulic lifts and general-purpose hydraulic oil/fluid systems.
  • Trans Tune has a tested KV rating of 30,000 volts. This means Trans Tune's use in “special resistance” hydraulic fluids and oils (including special synthetics) commonly used in lift and boom assemblies by construction companies, fire department and electric companies, is recommended for solving the moisture and oil residue situations that can occur and consume otherwise productive “billing” or “work” time. Trans Tune was developed to help minimize these downtimes by providing a safe and effective product for use in any petroleum oil based or synthetic hydraulic oil.
  • In general, Sea Foam recommends an average of four (4) ounces of Trans Tune per gallon of hydraulic oil / ATF / power steering fluid capacity in the vented operating system you are treating. Double this amount for gear oils.


  • An “average fluid capacity” automatic transmission would use eight (8) ounces of Trans Tune ( ½ can) as a pre-cleaner for sticky residue before doing service work (with a 10-minute minimum full-operating-temperature test drive), or as an after-service additive to liquify ATF residue and remove moisture.
  • An “average” power steering system would require one to two (1-2) ounces of Trans Tune. A plow system on a pickup truck would use four (4) ounces per gallon capacity.

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