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As a veteran master technician who has seen and repaired countless automotive failures, Jim Hetherington isn’t quick to believe in simple fixes without thorough evaluation. So when Sea Foam hired the Twin Cities-based consultant to test Sea Foam Spray, claiming the product could resolve problems tied to the notorious buildup of carbon deposits in gasoline […]

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A quick visual lesson on gasoline

Question:  What’s in the 3 jars?
Answer:  Untreated E-0 gasoline.


Why the difference?

The difference between the 3 jars in the photo is the age and stability of the gasoline.  Each jar contains E-0 gasoline (has zero percent ethyl alcohol) drawn from three different outboard engine tanks.  The clear gasoline in Jar #1 is fresh and stable while Jars #2 […]

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Sea Foam Official video: Tips for your snow blower

Here are some quick tips to help ensure that our snow blowers start fast, run smooth, and always have plenty of power to get the job done!


Snow Blower Tip #1  Add Sea Foam to every fresh tank of fuel

Unprotected gasoline degrades quickly and snow blowers often go several weeks without use.  By adding Sea Foam to every […]

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Article: Fall Transition

3 KEY TERMS & TIPS for Preparing Engines and Fuel Systems for Long-Term Storage*:

*By long-term storage, we mean any fuel that won’t be utilized within 30 days from fuel purchase at the pump.


Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment helps fuel to resist evaporation, preserves ignition vapors, and prevents the formation of gum and varnish in fuel […]


Sea Foam Official video: How Engines Work – Gasoline fuel injection Port and GDI

Sea Foam’s Youtube channel, Sea Foam Official, has a new animation theme called How Engines Work.  If you drive a gasoline car or truck, check out this video on how Port or GDI fuel injection systems work.  Stay tuned for more videos on how all the different types of gasoline and diesel engines work.

Watch the […]

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Sea Foam Motor Treatment rescues a wood splitter

Sea Foam Official video: Sea Foam rescues a wood splitter! – YouTube

Watch the owner’s reaction after diagnosing whether old fuel gum is causing a wood splitter’s engine trouble – Brian directly fills the carburetor fuel line with straight Sea Foam, then draws the Sea Foam thru the carb circuits to let it soak for a […]

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Sea Foam Official video: High cleaning concentrations of Sea Foam in fuel


When cleaning a gasoline or diesel fuel system, it’s safe to add higher concentrations of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to fuel. In fact, the more Sea Foam you add to fuel, the greater the cleaning solvency.  As stated at the end of the video, “Never be bashful when it comes to adding […]

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Sea Foam Official video: Sea Foam and engine seals

Check out the short video and see what Sea Foam Motor Treatment DOES NOT do to a Styrofoam cup!

When it comes to engine fuel and fluid additives, these two questions must be answered:

Does it work?
If it works, is it safe?

Sea Foam engine products only contain organic petroleum-based ingredients that are non-corrosive and harmless to fuel […]

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Sea Foam Official video: Outboard cleaning and storage, ‘Can and Hose’ method


‘Can & Hose’ to the rescue! 

Using the ‘Can & Hose’ method is an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a high cleaning concentration of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to an outboard’s intake and upper engine areas.  It works fast and effective to:

clean hydrocarbon residues from fuel injector passageways and carburetor circuits (needles, jets, […]

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…the most dramatic automotive resurrection I’ve ever seen.

I bought a 26 year old Toyota Corolla for $100. It had been sitting for 8 years.  I replaced the rusty gas tank, fuel pump and fuel lines with cheap, junkyard stuff.  I got the engine started easily, but it was running very badly.  By pulling spark plug wires I determined it was only running […]