• Burn Test

Video: Watch the Sea Foam ‘Burn Test’ – Lubricity matters!

Check out this video where Jeremy from Lindner Media and Brian from Sea Foam demonstrate a ‘burn test’ on Sea Foam Motor Treatment.  The burn test shows that there’s more in a can of  Sea Foam than cleaning fuel systems and stabilizing fuel – It’s a lot about lubricating engine pistons chambers for long-term wear and protection […]

  • Sea Foam Stabilization

Video: 4 quick tips for long-term engine storage

Video shows 4 essential reminders for long-term fuel and engine storage

  • ST fuel clock 460x248

Article: Protecting Your Fuel and Why Time Matters


Just as we take precautions to avoid spoiled milk and stale bread, similar care should apply when choosing what we do with our fuel. Even the best fuel will degrade over time, becoming increasingly ineffective and potentially harmful to engine function. This article is intended to provide a […]

  • Deep Creep

Video: Intro to using Deep Creep

Willie from Two Guys Garage gives an overview on Deep Creep’s ability to penetrate deep into parts and mechanisms by breaking metal surface tension – Inlcudes how to use with a heat torch, and as a cleaner and lubricant.

Compare Deep Creep’s gentle, non-corrosive petroleum formula to your favorite lubricant or protectnt. Nothing creeps deeper, withstands extreme mechanism heat, resists evaporation for […]

  • TransTune

Video: How Hydra Trans Tune works

Willie from Two Guys Garage provides a quick and easy overview on using Hydra Trans Tune to treat transmission fluid, hydraulics, and as a flush treatment for power steering systems.

How Hydra Trans Tune Works:

Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Hydra Trans Tune works quick […]

  • BBG

Video: Intro to BugsBGone Multi-Use Cleaner

Willie from Two Guys Garage shows how fast, safe and effective Bugs-B-Gone works to remove bug residues from all types of vehicle surfaces.

Video Features – 4 simple steps:

When surface is cool and out of direct sunlight, spray to soak bug remains.
Soak for 2 minutes
Bugs-B-Gone is water-activated, so spray away or wipe with a wet cloth – It’s that […]