Sea Foam Official video: How to liquefy varnish in ATF

Here’s a quick ‘How and Why’ video on adding Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid (ATF). How to add Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid:   1. Remove transmission fluid dipstick, 2. check fluid level, 3. insert fluid funnel into filler tube (same tube as ATF dipstick), 4. add up to a full can of Trans Tune…

7 Things to Know About TRANS TUNE

Mechanics, ag professionals, and equipment operators regard this product as “FIRST AID” for its reputation to safely, quickly and effectively overcome the common petroleum residue and moisture problems that impair Hydraulics, Automatic Transmission, and Power Steering fluid systems. TRANS TUNE is the new product name and packaging label for HYDRA TRANS TUNE.  Same petroleum ingredients, identical…

Video: How Trans Tune works

Willie from Two Guys Garage provides a quick and easy overview on using Trans Tune to treat transmission fluid, hydraulics, and as a flush treatment for power steering systems. How Trans Tune Works: Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Trans Tune works quick to…

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