Sea Foam Official Video: How to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to crankcase oil

Preparation and Instructions:

  • Add 1 ounce to 1.5 ounces of Sea Foam Motor Treatment per oil quart for all 4-cycle gasoline and diesel engines.
  • When ready, remove oil filler cap and simply pour the recommended amount of Sea Foam Motor Treatment directly into the engine crankcase.  Use a funnel if needed.  Do not exceed one treatment per oil change interval.
  • Though Sea Foam can be added at any time between oil change intervals, we recommend adding Sea Foam to oil crankcases 100 to 300 drive miles before changing oil and filter.  When limited, try to drive at least 20 miles before oil change.
  • When checking dipstick, always change oil that goes from clear to dark.



> Sea Foam will safely liquefy petroleum residues that restrict flow and lubrication
> Cleans oil control rings, VVT solenoids and actuators
> Dissolves and cleans deposits throughout the crankcase including diesel soot residues
> Cleans and quiets noisy lifters and timing chain tensioners



> Sea Foam only contains petroleum-based ingredients and cannot harm your engine
> Sea Foam will not change the viscosity of motor oil
> Sea Foam is compatible with all types of Gasoline 4-cycle and Diesel engines
>For use in all types and variations of conventional and synthetic motor oil
> Sea Foam will not affect seals, gaskets, or o-rings
>Most autos/ trucks have 5 or 6 quart oil systems. Use one-half of a 16 oz pint can