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Rely on the experience of the Sea Foam tech experts to help you with the most common, time-tested recommendations for using HYDRA TRANS TUNE in transmissions, hydraulics and power steering systems.

How To Hydra Trans Tune

How do I add Hydra Trans Tune to my automatic transmission?

  • Slowly pour Hydra Trans Tune into the transmission dipstick tube using a funnel.
  • For PRE-FLUSHING old fluid, add up to 1 (one) can of Hydra Trans Tune depending on your vehicle’s transmission fluid level, then drive 5 to 100 miles before replacing your transmission fluid.
  • For CLEANING or treating driveability/shifting problems, you can add up to one can at any time depending on fluid level. Hydra Trans Tune will continue to work for the life of the fluid!
  • When added to transmission fluid, Hydra Trans Tune helps to control moisture, lubricates, and works quickly to dissolve sticky gum and varnish deposits that cause erratic shifting.
  • Hydra Trans Tune only contains petroleum-based ingredients and CANNOT HARM your fluid systems.

How do I add Hydra Trans Tune to hydraulic fluid?

  • For every 4 gallons of hydraulic fluid, add 1 (one) can of Hydra Trans Tune. It will work for the life of the fluid!
  • For PRE-FLUSH CLEANING of old fluid, operate Hydra Trans Tune-treated hydraulic systems at least 30 minutes before draining.
  • Hydra Trans Tune will help to control moisture in fluid, and clean varnish residues from hydraulic valves.

How do I add Hydra Trans Tune to a power steering system?


  • As a fluid PRE-FLUSH and FULL SYSTEM FLUSH treatment, Hydra Trans Tune will dissolve and clean sticky varnish residues from power steering systems. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when flushing a steering system.
  • As a fluid CONDITIONER, add 4 to 6 ounces of Hydra Trans Tune to steering fluid reservoir to clean and condition system parts for the life of the fluid. Can be used to overcome hard steering and noisy steering pumps caused by varnish deposits in pumps, gears and pressure valves.


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