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Bryan T. in Illinois

QI have a 2015 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3L direct injection engine. I am learning about GDI intake valve issues and concerned about getting too much carbon buildup before it’s too late. If I use Sea Foam Spray, how often do you recommend a cleaning through the intake? Can Sea Foam Spray be used too often?

AFor any gasoline car or truck driven regularly, GDI in particular, we recommend doing a Sea Foam Spray top engine treatment through the throttle body at least two times per year. It is also safe to do more treatments if you think you need to. Sea Foam Spray is like taking care of your teeth – it’s far better to use it to prevent issues, don’t wait until you have a costly problem.


Marco N. in New Mexico

QMy Nissan 370z (3.7L V6) utilizes two throttle bodies. How should I apply Sea Foam Spray with multiple intakes?

AWith two throttle bodies you can clean through both using half the can of Sea Foam Spray each. A full can will spray for 4 to 5 minutes so stop the first throttle body treatment after two minutes, then shut off the engine to change the straw location. Once ready, start the engine and continue through the second throttle body until the can is empty.

Mike G. in California

QI am getting ready to store my Yamaha 250 quad for the next 8 months. I am wondering what you recommend for preparing the engine and fuel? Should I drain the tank and carburetor or fill the tank?

AEngine storage is a matter of lubricating and protecting your ATV’s carburetor circuits, intake and upper engine parts from dry out and corrosion, plus protecting the fuel from forming unstable fuel molecules (gum, varnish). With an empty or low amount of tank fuel, mix a combination of one part Sea Foam Motor Treatment to two parts gasoline. For a quad you could go 10 ounces of Sea Foam to 20 ounces of fresh gas. Run the engine for 5 minutes, then shut off. After letting the engine cool, pull the plugs and spray a healthy burst of Sea Foam Spray or Deep Creep into each cylinder cavity. At this point you’re all done. Being you’re in California be less concerned about tank moisture condensation so whether you fill the tank is up to you. Also, there is enough Sea Foam in the unburned mix to help stabilize a full tank of fuel for two years.

Andrew B. in Ontario

QI run a 2017 Mercury Optimax 250 XS outboard on my fishing boat. I don’t always have access to ethanol-free gasoline. When I have to use ethanol fuel, will Sea Foam work as an ethanol treatment?

ASomething represented as “ethanol treatment” might cause a false sense of security. Be aware that adding a fuel treatment isn’t going to change ethanol from what it is. Just know that when combined with water, ethyl alcohol has corrosive potential in a fuel system. To answer your question, Sea Foam’s petroleum ingredients will add protective lubricity to fuel system parts. Another key is to manage your fuel in favor of frequent replenishment. Also keep in mind that your Optimax is built to handle E10 (10% ethyl alcohol). No matter what gas you’re running in your Mercury, remember that Sea Foam is always working to clean and lubricate your fuel system.

Joshua S. in Oregon

QI just bought a 2011 Ford F150 with 91,000 miles. Engine is a 3.5 V6 EcoBoost with twin turbos. It is also GDI so I am worried the intake valves might get heavy with carbon deposits. For cleaning intake valves should I treat through brake booster or use Sea Foam Spray through the throttle body?

AWe strongly encourage you to use Sea Foam Spray through your Ford’s throttle body. It is much safer, much more effective, and will feed all six cylinders evenly.

Armando C. in Michigan

QI would like to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in both my fuel tank and in my oil crankcase. Is it okay to add to the fuel and the oil at the same time?

AYes, Sea Foam will work safely in fuel at the same time it is working in your motor oil. In fuel, Sea Foam works to clean and lubricate through fuel passageways and combustion areas. In your crankcase, Sea Foam works to dissolve heavier oil residues and deposits back into liquid form so everything drains when you change your oil and filter.

Jerry T. in California

QI have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 engine with 90,000 miles. The idle has been a little rough so someone recommended that I should do a throttle body cleaning. Which of your products is used to clean the throttle body and which cleans the fuel injectors? How should I use your products?

ASea Foam Spray will work in your Sonata’s upper engine by cleaning through the throttle body to the intake valves and chamber areas. Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to fuel will work to clean through the fuel injectors, intake ports, then into the chambers. For a combined cleaning treatment, add a can of Sea Foam to a low tank of fuel right before doing the upper engine cleaning with Sea Foam Spray (use the whole can). This is a great combination for smoothing out a rough idle!