Barry G. in Georgia

A fishing buddy keeps a bottle of Bugs-B-Gone in his boat and claims it works great for keeping everything clean. I am looking for something to get stains out of my boat’s carpet so want to try a bottle. Can you make a recommendation for cleaning boat carpet stains?

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Jim D.

Thanks for the question Barry! Bugs-B-Gone is great for safely cleaning all boat surfaces, including carpet stains. One key to using Bug-B-Gone is to understand how Bugs-B-Gone works. Bugs-B-Gone is a surfactant that safely works to cause organic material (or organic stains) to release its bond from whatever it’s stuck to. In a fishing boat, blood or bait and food stains are common. Spray it on, let it soak for at least 2 minutes, then use a nylon brush to work the carpet stain area. After brushing, rinse the spot with water pressure until the suds stop foaming. Another tip: Soaking boat carpet with vinegar works great for total floor area – just pour vinegar over the boat carpet…add water to saturate and let soak for an hour… then rinse the carpet with a safe amount of water pressure.