Jerry T. in CA

I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 engine with 90,000 miles. The idle has been a little rough so someone recommended that I should do a throttle body intake cleaning. Which of your products is used to clean the throttle body and which cleans the fuel injectors? How should I use your products?

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Jim D.

Great question Jerry! Sea Foam Spray will work in your Sonata’s upper engine by cleaning through the throttle body to the intake valves and chamber areas. Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to fuel will work to clean through the fuel injectors, intake ports, then into the chambers. For a combined cleaning treatment, add a can of Sea Foam to a low tank of fuel right before doing the upper engine cleaning with Sea Foam Spray (use the whole can). This is a great combination for smoothing out a rough idle!