Mike G. in California

I am getting ready to store my Yamaha 250 quad for the next 8 months. I am wondering what you recommend for preparing the engine and fuel? Should I drain the tank and carburetor or fill the tank?

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Jim D.

Engine storage is a matter of lubricating and protecting your ATV’s carburetor circuits, intake and upper engine parts from dry out and corrosion, plus protecting the fuel from forming unstable fuel molecules (gum, varnish). With an empty or low amount of tank fuel, mix a combination of one part Sea Foam Motor Treatment to two parts gasoline. For a quad you could go 10 ounces of Sea Foam to 20 ounces of fresh gas. Run the engine for 5 minutes, then shut off. After letting the engine cool, pull the plugs and spray a healthy burst of Sea Foam Spray or Deep Creep into each cylinder cavity. At this point you’re all done. Being you’re in California be less concerned about tank moisture condensation so whether you fill the tank is up to you. Also, there is enough Sea Foam in the unburned mix to help stabilize a full tank of fuel for two years.