Sea Foam Official Video: How to add Trans Tune to hydraulic fluid systems

For more than 20 years, Trans Tune has earned a reputation as Hydraulic First Aid with ag professionals and equipment operators for its ability to prevent or overcome hydraulic problems caused by sticky petroleum residues and moisture in fluid.


When added to hydraulic fluid, Trans Tune WORKS QUICK to:

  • dissolve harmful petroleum varnish
  • cleans pressure valves
  • controls small amounts of moisture in fluid
  • prevents varnish buildup
  • prevent or overcome operational problems caused by varnish or moisture in fluid systems


When replacing hydraulic fluid, use as a PRE-FLUSH CLEANING TREATMENT 

  • add 1 can (one pint) of Trans Tune to every 4 gallons of hydraulic fluid  
  • be sure to operate the hydraulics for several hours to circulate the treated fluid through the system before draining   
  • whenever there’s evidence of water in fluid, make sure you add Tran Tune after the flush to handle any remaining moisture in the system


Use as a CLEANING CONDITIONER for the life of the fluid

  • in new fluid, adding 1 can (one pint) of Trans Tune to every 4 gallons of hydraulic fluid will help to prevent the formation of varnish in fluid
  • add Trans Tune at any time to smooth out operational problems caused by varnish or moisture


Trans Tune is SAFE for compatible petroleum fluids- Conventional, Synthetic, Mineral-based

  • will not alter the viscosity of fluids
  • will not harm or swell seals, gaskets, or O-rings (adds petroleum lubrication to polymers/rubber!)
  • does NOT contain detergents or chemicals that can harm hydraulic system parts


You can find Trans Tune where automotive products are sold!

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