…the most dramatic automotive resurrection I’ve ever seen.

I bought a 26 year old Toyota Corolla for $100. It had been sitting for 8 years.  I replaced the rusty gas tank, fuel pump and fuel lines with cheap, junkyard stuff.  I got the engine started easily, but it was running very badly.  By pulling spark plug wires I determined it was only running  two cylinders.  I thought it had stuck valves or bad fuel injectors.  

I tried a can of Sea Foam Spray through the top end, then shut the engine off to let it soak on the valves and compression rings.  After letting it sit for 7 minutes, I then re-started the engine.  At that point I witnessed the most dramatic automotive resurrection I’ve ever seen.  After running five or so seconds, the idle smoothed out, the dead miss went away.  The car runs absolutely fantastic now.  Very responsive, lots of power. Awesome! Customer for life.  

 Marty W. from Missouri

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