Why Sea Foam Spray was invented

Sea Foam customer Jake Davis sent us this Sea Foam story:

“Here’s proof Sea Foam works. This was on a ’98 5.7 Vortec

[engine]. I did the Sea Foam through the brake booster, which only feeds the rear cylinders. Ended up having a bad injector and had to pull the intake off, and found the rear portion of the engine cleaned by Sea Foam as you can see from the picture.”


Thanks for the great story and photo Jake! Couple things to note here:

1. In the photo, what you see is the bottom half of the intake manifold of Jake’s V8 engine. By adding Sea Foam into the vacuum line on that engine design, only the rear cylinders benefit from Sea Foam’s ability to dissolve and clean away the unburned hydrocarbon residues that covered the inside of the manifold.

2. Because of that engine design, the best Sea Foam product for cleaning all the cylinders is Sea Foam Spray. In fact, that’s why Sea Foam Spray was invented, to clean where tank additives can’t reach. Simply follow the directions on the can. If Jake had used Sea Foam Spray through the throttle body, the entire area in the photo view would be shiny clean.